7 Best Commercial Meat Smokers Reviews For Sale

When you are planning to buy meat smokers for your use at home or for commercial use, you will require understanding the various brands of smokers that are available in the market. You should check the various reviews that talk about the various smokers available. This can help you in making up your final decision on the brand to purchase for your use.

Below are some of the main brands of the smokers that are available:

1. Masterbuilt Smoker

This is one of the smokers that is a popular choice for many cooks and the number of people offering positive reviews about this product is overwhelming. This smoker has many innovative features that make it user-friendly and hence it is more convenient to the user as they do not require much effort to operate it. It also offers great results when one is smoking meat using it. It has several advantages in that it is cheaper compared to the quality of service it offers in return. It does not require one to constantly be there physically when the smoking process is ongoing. It provides a much steady smoke and it also maintains temperature settings that are consistent for cooking. It has a 24-hour timer that provides an ample time that is essential for smoking of different types of meat. It has a large smoking capacity due to its 4 chrome smoking racks. Cleaning up after the smoking session is made easier as the smoker comes with a removable grease tray, drip pan and water pan. It also comes with its own recipes. Its demerits hinge on the heating element taking long to preheat the smoker, but it does heat it well eventually and its warranty is short but the smoker is built tough therefore one would not need the warranty anytime soon.

2. Brinkmann Smokers

This refers to a classic smoker that is usually referred to as a starter smoker due to its simple nature. It is the best choice for someone who smokes meat once in a while as it is a simple smoker. It is inexpensive given its simple nature and it has a good capacity. Its disadvantages are that it does not have the ability to adjust the temperatures given its simple nature and some people claim that it leaks smoke, but that would depend with the smoker itself and other factors such as age. It contains two cooking grates that are made from steel measuring 15.5 inches of chrome-plated steel. The total smoking area measures 375 square metres.

3. Bradley Smoker

The original Bradley smoker ranks as the best of all “Lazy-Q” electric smokers available. It is built like a refrigerator as it is thermostatically controlled thereby enabling it to smoke either hot or cold. The smoke that is produced by this smoker comes from the burning of wood disks which are added by a mechanism that is controlled. It is able to give you the smoke that you need. You do not have to hold to the smoker as you can leave it after setting it and return only when you want to eat. Its smoking space is 2288 cubic inches and has a 125 watt smoker element and a 500 watt element for cooking, can hot or cold smoke food as well as dries it or roast it and it can run for over 8 hours without any human intervention. It is a completely self contained and the only demerit is that it requires one to buy Bradley flavored bisquettes.

4. Cajun Injector Smoker

The electric Cajun injector smoker is far much better than the smokers that use real wood smoke to smoke meat. These types of smokers boast of being easy to use and they also have temperature control which control the temperature used to smoke meat. It contains a rack for jerky, sausage and ribs. It also has a moderate size that makes it a favorite for people with small families. Temperature and time are easily set and its demerits are having an internal temperature probe that is not accurate.

5. Smokin Tex

This smoker is used by both professionals and people at home as it is the ideal option from the pro line of the company. It features a thermostat that is controlled electrically and is able to provide temperatures of between 100 and 250 degrees. It is built in a cabinet-style design and can be used for all types of meat. It has some wheels, thus making it easy to move from one place to the other. It contains three standard racks and allows one to use any type of hardwood that would be dry in its system. It is a simple plug in and forget type of a smoker and it uses any type of wood meaning that you can control the flavor of the meat you would be smoking. Cheese and pasta could be cold smoked using this type of a smoker. Its disadvantage is that one has to use hardwoods for the smoker, although it is electrical.

6. Char-Broil Smoker

It is a horizontal offset smoker that is large in all ways that is cheap given its size. The cooking area is 315 square inches and the rack space is 670 square inches in total. It has a firebox for clean out of ash and a front workspace that is large and diamond shaped. A temperature gauge is mounted on the center lid and its length is 5 feet and weighs 104 pounds. Its disadvantages include temperature control that is limited, lightweight construction and heating that is uneven.

This is a sturdy built smoker that is able to handle any of your smoking needs. The heavy gauge metal that is used to build it is useful as it holds the heat in the smoker. It is also a versatile smoker as it is able to handle smoking, grilling and barbecues. This smoker can be modified in a lot of ways that would improve its smoke leakage, temperature control and cleaning it up. It has a large space for cooking and thus can be able to grill for a party. Its disadvantage is that its wood or charcoal grates are very thin and thus could bend easily, however, with some modifications they would be improved.

7. Master Forge Smoker

This type of a smoker has two doors, a covered smokestack and strong handles. It comes packed in a high quality manner, it has standardized bolts, good welds, surfaces that are clean and the complex parts are pre-assembled. It is well priced comparing its features and mode of packing. It has a large cooking area. The only complaints many people have about is that it leaks smoke but after using it for a number of times it stops the leaking. Another issue is that its thermometer does not record the correct temperature, but this is a defect that can be corrected.


All the above are some reviews of the meat smokers available in the market. One would only need to go through them and choose the one that would be more suitable for their smoking needs. One could also carry out a comparative analysis to find them.